Concept of god

The importance of obeying God's Law is highly emphasized in the Quran to the extent that it is stated in the Book that whoever advocates or rules by a law other than that of God is classed as a disbeliever.

Conceptions of God

God created the universe according to eternal patterns in his mind and it is an expression of his thought, however incomplete an expression the cosmos may be.

He was patient with them, He sent prophets to plead with them, and He warned them many times. Christian Concept of god in the incarnation is a unique case in which God takes on human form in Christ. The Quran warns very strongly against any association with stone, altars or monuments 5: Interest in this life and the world drove interest in science, which soon uncovered mathematically describable physical regularities.

This being the case, God as cause can be known through the world as effect. Furthermore, because some change in the universe is cyclic and therefore unexplainable by chance, change would have to be deterministic.

Being entirely free, he did not have to create, but did so as an act of love. So we cannot ask why God brought about evil, but we can ask why he did not bring about more good.

In Iran, for example, the king is proclaimed by his royal name as world ruler. Evidence of this is that a being must will what to think about, thus something must act on the intellect; whereas nothing need act on the will.

God is the network of all truths, not a personal being who gives revelation. Sadly, the voice of condemnation that you hear in your heart is neither the voice of the devil nor the voice of God; it is the voice of self-criticism.

Concept of God, False

Who is there that shall intercede with Him save by His leave? For Spinoza, God is not an external initiating cause of the world and so is not demonstrable as such. God does that with us. The Quran warns very specifically against idolizing or worshipping God's messengers, the saints or the angels: In the papacy, for example, the court ceremonies employ forms of address that go back to the imperial language of ancient sacred kingdoms: But glory to Allah, The Lord of the Throne: Stated roughly, God is one substance in three persons.

Notice that, although these men made mistakes and were chastened for them, God did not stop loving or using them. In-depth treatment of impassibility. Devotion and Dedication This last act is undoubtedly the most noble of all the acts of Worship. But when they dug in their heels and embraced idols or evil practices, God brought chastening upon them in the form of plagues or enemy attacks Jeremiah He alone was regarded as the one who triumphed over the enemy.

Evil is uncreated, being a lack of good and without positive existence.

Western Concepts of God

Examples of chastening are found throughout the Bible. Since there can be no infinite chain of causes of motion, there must be a First Mover not moved by anything else, and this is what everyone understands by God. The attributes of Almighty God preclude any evil since God is the source of justice, mercy and truth.Concept of God, The [Ronald H.

Nash] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The Concept of God is an excellent treatment of an increasingly critical issue in philosophical theology.

With characteristic clarity and forthrightness/5(8). Question: "What does it mean to be chastened? How does God chasten us?" Answer: Hebrews says, “For whom the Lord loves he chastens, and scourges every son whom he receives” (KJV).

Concepts of God

Another word for “chasten” is “discipline.” The passage goes on to quote Proverbswhich says, “My son, do not despise the Lord’s discipline and do not resent his rebuke, because the Lord.

Aug 04,  · Consequently, many have inadvertently adopted a soft concept of God, disrespecting and showing contempt for God's authority and power.

Mistakenly, we transfer or appropriate our fear to human beings, who cannot revoke the penalty of death hanging over us. God does not perform ungodly acts: The attributes of Almighty God preclude any evil since God is the source of justice, mercy and truth.

Conceptions of God in monotheist, pantheist, In the Hermetic Tradition, each and every person has the potential to become God, this idea or concept of God is perceived as internal rather than external. The All is also an allusion to the observer created universe.

God in Abrahamic religions

We create our own reality; hence we are the architect, The All. While Jainism does not believe in the concept of God as a creator, protector, and destroyer of the universe, the philosophical concepts of Utpäda, Vyaya, and Dhrauvya are consistent with the Trinity concepts of those religions believing in God.

Concept of god
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