Controversy surrounding the naming of a street in oslo after knut hamsun

Oslo inhabitants are pretty fond of, and rather proud of, their woods, and go to great lenghts to protect them. His father, he told me, had been in the resistance. The Interpretation of Cultures, — I saw this coming.

But first, a little history: Sculpted by Per Ung, it portrays a year-old Sonsteby standing next to his bicycle. The Norwegian university had recently been located to the town, and gradually, the city expanded.

He started building Akershus Fortress and was also the first king to reside permanently in the city, which helped to make Oslo the capital of Norway.

Tropes connected to Oslo: He suffers from pride. Large areas of the surrounding Aker municipality were incorporated inan There may be a parallel between this modest act of resistance and the confusing everyday mixing of old and new street names in Tehran.

Similarly, the number of streets named after Joseph Stalin in Russia declined sharply after There is good reason to suppose that established street names When new place names are needed, as in recently built suburbs of modern cities, careful deliberation is often needed to capture the genius loci in ways presumed to be acceptable for the public in the years to come.

My third example, or vignette, is different. Colors exist in very much does respect still exist the same way that controversy surrounding the naming of a street in oslo after knut hamsun art and love exist They can be perceived.

The Interpretation of Cultures, — Fullarton is very near Buenos Ayres, and a bit further up the road one passes both Siparia and Penal, villages whose etymology was never clarified to me, despite numerous attempts. He operated under 30 or 40 different names and identities, and the Germans did not learn his real name until near the end of the war.

Imprisoned inSands died at the age of 26 in a Belfast prison during a hunger strike. In the context of his life, these are forgivable lapses, but they also contribute to his diminishing prospects. They were never able to catch him. In fiction Knut Hamsun marked out the city in his first novel, Hunger from In July, the foreign ministry described as "sordid" the Nazi sympathies of the writer, who donated his Nobel medal to Joseph Goebbels, the Nazi propaganda minister, and wrote a laudatory obituary of Hitler in the national daily Aftenposten, praising him as a "warrior for humanity".

This has already led to some debate in the city concerning possible solutions to the duplicate problem. Deliberately changing a historical place name is a dramatic act which is highly likely to lead to controversy and disagreement, disregarding the particular cir- cumstances. Even today, youths from other parts of Norway may refer to Oslo as "the dump".

How power structures affect place names in Iran. And this is why his work has held up so well—despite what his own actions might have done to sour posterity on his writings. At the same time, popular usage does not always correspond to official naming, especially in societies where oral communication tends to take precedence over the written word.

They would point to the disturbing fact that Hamsun received the acclaim of these other Nobel Prize winners, but gave his own Nobel medal as a gift to Joseph Goebbels, the most infamous propagandist of the 20th century.

For example, almost inexplicably, there is a cluster of villages and small towns in the southwest with names like La Brea, Point Fortin, Cap-de-Ville and so on, although the area was never settled by many French planters. If ANY local politician even suggests tampering with the marches, he will feel the power of popular resentment.

The cumbersome, slow and bureaucratic process involved in changing place names in non-revolutionary contexts suggests that the naming of streets, squares and parks is not an innocent activity but one which simultaneously carries a deep cultural resonance and is a statement about official identity politics.

Street-time for Hamsun

On June 19, the square was officially renamed and a new bust of Hamsun unveiled. Past experiences of naming and renaming may also give a cue as to what the future may bring. At the time Sonsteby said Norway should dissolve parliament and declare a dictatorship before so naming a street.Knut Hamsun, the Nobel laureate and acclaimed author of Hunger, continues to court controversy more than half a century after his death.

Last month the Israeli foreign minister condemned the celebration of the writer's work. Hamsun himself declared: “Hunger is not a novel!” If considered as such it will be found monotonous, to be missing “plot” and what not.

In fact, that is the whole point. The name of city and municipality was Kristiania until 1 January when the name was changed to Oslo. Oslo was the name of an eastern suburb and the site of the city centre until the devastating fire.

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Christian, king of Denmark, ordered a new city built with his own name. Oslo remained a poor suburb outside the city border. Concentration Camp Lists. controversy surrounding the naming of a street in oslo after knut hamsun. Concentration Camp Lists. controversy surrounding the naming of a street in oslo after knut hamsun. is a platform for academics to share research papers.

Controversy surrounding the naming of a street in oslo after knut hamsun
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