Marketing strategy by mcdonald s in india and uk marketing essay

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Crompton and Mackay, ; Johnson et al. It is further interesting to note that the company promotes vegetarian burger as its key product mainly in the UK among the western countries apart from its operations in the Far Eastern countries like India where the company pioneers in vegetarian range of burgers and fast food products.

Thus, the following points must be considered in order to attract and increase the customer base in India. More customers can also be attracted to the new products if the company emphasizes on the targeting technique.

As different people have different local tastes, the firm produces products with a mix of regional taste Dash, This is clear in the case under debate where the company has devised its marketing strategy to reflect upon the consumer behaviour in the UK food market.

This is done to maintain speedy and quick service. Some open at 5am and British branches trade for more than 24 hours at weekends. This is due to the fact that the smaller cities in India are more inclined towards the home cooked food and eating fast food out is generally limited to local food joints that specialize in Indian cuisine.

The effect can be achieved by manipulation of one or more variables: Goode and Moutinhofor example, state, "The disconfirmation of prospect model has been more and more criticized in recent years and, as a consequence, standards other than prospect have been suggested" p. It is therefore critical, in situations where waiting is inevitable, that service managers attempt to provide a high level of satisfaction with the waiting portion of the service experience.

In other words, at the point of consumption, anticipatory factors such as the initial product appearance and also consequent participatory factors such as product flavor and texture may dominate the acceptance level for many foods. Crabtree and Miller, ; Lamnek, ; Patton, ; Vlahos, At present, customers can purchase other products like chicken and fish, desserts, and breakfast meals.

Alongside, it is also clear that the design of the marketing mix which is the heart of the marketing strategy should reflect upon the target market demand in order to increase the sales proving the arguments of the academic authors mentioned in this essay.

Customer Intimacy — The firm in India with its correct mix of communication has been able to tap majority of the audience it focused on and has also developed affection from the large children populace of the country with its Children Centric ads.

Business Strategic Management on McDonald’s in India Essay

The above three elements mentioned might appear to embrace the 4Ps of the marketing mix without the Place facto in the scene. The major driving factors for this state in the target market are identified by Simon Taylor as mentioned below Awareness: In the fourth stage the company uses its price strategy and benefits; the company aims to attract customers and their decisions to purchase their products.

The major suppliers in India are: This means that the vegetables are stored in cold storage from the moment it is harvested.

There has been a sustained increase in the demand for expediency foods and snacks over a number of years Traill, ; Keynote, The food is sold in disposable packaging without cutlery. A review of marketing mix: While the decentralized structure helps each restaurant to implement policies and strategies according to their peculiar needs and tastes, it could cause inconsistent service quality and standards among the restaurants in different regions.

Prentice Hall Financial Times.


Although the initial campaign will be done in selected local outlets, the success of the campaign will be a benchmark for rolling a nationwide and international marketing campaign. But in India, at one stage their sales were on decline.Marketing Strategies of Mcdonalds in India India McDonald Strategie Strategies EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Marketing is a procedure of attracting prospective customers and consumers in your products and services.

McDonalds Marketing Analysis

Marketing Strategy Report for NEXT PLC. The Next brand was established in and now has over stores in the UK while also operating internationally with over overseas stores. This strategy of the company assisted it in making McDonald’s a fun place to eat (Marketing Strategies of McDonalds, ).

This helped the company in attracting children as well as young urban families that want to spend some quality time. This is a report about the various Marketing Strategies of McDonald's along with various related examples.

by DISHANTSIDANA in Types > Magazines/Newspapers, marketing, and Reports Marketing Strategies of McDonalds. The revamped menu in India is an example of McDonald’s strategy of integrating the customer’s perspective in its /5(60).

McDonalds Marketing Analysis McDonald’s is a globalized food-chain enterprise that operates in various countries like in Europe, Asia Pacific and the Middle East. In this paper, I am going to discuss about McDonald’s managements and operations in Malaysia, India and Hong Kong/5(1).

In the UK McDonald's also does marketing to young children, aged between 2 and 8. Their McDonald's adverts contained a simple song that was easy to remember for children.

According to John Hawkes, the McDonald's United Kingdom Chief Marketing Officer their song was to reach each family through their children.

Marketing strategy by mcdonald s in india and uk marketing essay
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