Teachers should not be allowed to monitor a students social networking account

I use this tool to keep in touch with former students. What I think has to happen, are safeguards put into place so that there is less opportunity for teachers to fall into inappropriate relationships with students. I don't believe social media is to be feared.

Those tools can teach students how to use the technology appropriate to a work setting.

Should Schools Monitor Students’ Social Media Accounts?

Like you, I have a policy that NO student will be "friended" by me. This is great for questions on their physics homework problems. Students have contacted me years after graduation through the school district web presence because of the stability of that presence.

January 21, at 9: The most concrete is time. The fact is the world is changing and teachers have to change with it or be left behind and be viewed as an old, out-of-touch relic of an educator.

Should Schools Monitor Students’ Social Media Use?

Before we became a teacher, we might have been that same weed smoking student who is in-and-out of trouble trying to friend us in need of advice, or we might have been the kid who had all the money but no parents to talk with so they make poor decisions and decide to friend the teacher with a Facebook account who cares more about the student than county policy.

Its stated purpose is to prevent students from harming others—and, in particular, to stop cyberbullying. We have enough examples of sound bytes out there. Some students are mature and know the difference between addressing peers vs.

This is especially true for middle and high students because public systems in Lawrence, Limestone and Morgan counties have Bring Young Own Device programs. Read some teachers who lost their jobs because of what they posted on Facebook and I guess if you are responsible adult, then you should be careful with what you post.

Is it possible to provide a quality education to students without communicating with students using social media? I am a mentor, not a kids friends. This page should be totally open to public viewing and should not include private messaging.

Do you delete someone who is being inappropriate? What can we do then? I tell my students that they are free to check anything out that I post online. I checked out edmodo and a few other sites but did not like them at all. Friending in social media is out of those bounds, in many opine.

If someone needs to contact me, whether for personal or professional reasons, they know how to reach me. Professional communique of class pertinent info is one thing. I am a teacher, not a kids friend.

I believe that there needs to be that separation of professional relationships and social relationships.Moved Permanently. nginx. No schools should not monitor students social media. The reasons are let teachers teach and parents parent and if teachers know to much about a students can become a threat - Angelina.

Should students contact teachers on social media? Are teachers allowed to cuss in front of students? We are equally not allowed to call them using our personal phones or email them using anything other than our work email address. Why are teachers not allowed to contact students through social media?

Should teachers and students be friends of the Facebook variety? Social media boundaries: Should teachers and students be 'friends'? Stefani McNair has tried to think of a reason why her.

Teachers warned over befriending pupils on Facebook Experts warn of big gulf in school social networking policies, as staff use Twitter, chatrooms and emails to contact children Jeevan Vasagar and. Recent incidents in states across the country have renewed questions about schools' authority to access and monitor students' personal social-media accounts.

Teachers should not be allowed to monitor a students social networking account
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